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Unlock the Potential of Field Service Management with FieldServicely Inside GoHighLevel

Field service app on mobile devices and web browser

GoHighLevel is a superb tool for service-based business, especially for marketing and sales development. But as a HighLevel agency owner or a subaccount holder,  you might need help managing the employees or technicians. A field service app for HighLevel would make things easier for you.

In today's fast-paced service business, it's more important than ever to manage field workers well, and many companies need help getting to this efficiency level. In this article, we will discuss FieldServicely and how it can help you manage field service inside GHL and integrate with HighLevel.

Unable to Managing Field Employees with GoHighLevel?

These challenges of managing field employees in HighLevel can range from scheduling and dispatching to real-time tracking and managing customer expectations. If you're finding it difficult to navigate these complexities, you're not alone.

Managing a field service team involves coordinating numerous moving parts. Traditional methods and even some digital solutions can leave gaps in communication, lead to scheduling conflicts, and result in missed opportunities for optimizing routes and service delivery.

Does HighLevel have field service management?

Even though HighLevel is known for having powerful CRM, marketing automation, and sales platforms, field service management is not one of its main areas of expertise. HighLevel is great at managing customer relationships, automating marketing campaigns, and streamlining sales processes. However, it lacks features that are special to field service management, like dispatching, scheduling, tracking technicians in real time, and managing work orders.

You can get FieldServicely from HighLevel Marketplace and use it to fill in this gap. Businesses can use HighLevel's powerful CRM and marketing tools while also managing field service operations easily. This makes sure that there is a smooth flow of work from getting new customers to providing service.

What is the best way to manage field service in HighLevel?

Installing field service software like FieldServicely is a good way to handle field service in HighLevel. Businesses can use HighLevel's skills in CRM, marketing, and sales with this method. It also meets the needs of field service management for tasks like scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and work order management.

Here's why installing FieldServicely from HighLevel Marketplace is the optimal strategy:

  • Enhanced Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Real-Time Technician Tracking
  • Technician Route Map History
  • Streamlined Work Order Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Job Approval System
  • Geofenced Attendance
  • Smart Timesheet Management
  • Payroll Calculation Based on Working Hours
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android
  • Leveraging HighLevel's CRM Capabilities
  • And many other cool features...

FieldServicely: The way to manage field workers in GoHighLevel

In the dynamic world of field service management, efficiency, communication, and customer satisfaction are paramount. FieldServicely as a solution can enhance how  your businesses manage field workers within the GoHighLevel ecosystem.

This tool bridges the gap between GoHighLevel's robust CRM capabilities and the nuanced demands of field service management, offering a seamless, integrated experience that boosts operational efficiency and elevates customer service.

How to set up FieldServicely for HighLevel?

Below is the guide on how to set up FieldServicely for HighLevel. We have shared the guide for getting started and getting going. Please follow these steps to get started with FieldServicely:

  1. Installing in HighLevel
  2. Signup
  3. Dashboard
  4. Inviting team members
  5. Asking team members to download the app
  6. Create geofenced office location
  7. Managing jobs
  8. Checking data
  9. More Features

1. Installing in HighLevel

To install FieldServicely, you need to go to “App Marketplace” from the HighLevel web app.

Firstly, Switch to the Agency view, if you have not already. Click on “Click here to switch” at the top left corner. 

Then, Go to “App Marketplace” from the left menu bar. Use the search bar to input the app name or browse through the categories. 

Red arrow pointing to search box inside HighLevel

Now, click on the app.

Red box showing the App inside HighLevel Marketplace

You will see an Install button. Click on it.

FieldServicely app details in marketplace

Agency account will be selected by default. You can also choose additional sub-accounts to install it in. 

Read the details and pricing. Then, click on “Allow & Install”.

Red box focusing on Allow & Install button in HighLevel marketplace

Then, click on “Confirm”.

Pro plan selected with Confirm button highlighted in GoHighLevel marketplace

You will be taken to the web app of FieldServicely, to the login screen. If you don’t have an account, please create an account from the "Sign Up" page.  You can also sign in to the FieldServicely app inside HighLevel. 

2. Signup

Give the first name, last name, email to signup. Then, click on "Let's Go!" button.

Sign up page in FieldServicely app

Now, you are being ask to provide the verification code. You can get the code from the email sent to your email address.

Create a new organization during onboarding

Click on "Create A New Organization" and then, give the organization name and time zone (if you don't want the default time zone).

Now, you will have the option to add the members to your organization. You can invite them later as well.

We are currently working on an integration to let you choose which members to invite from the HighLevel account.

3. Dashboard

You are brought to "All Jobs". From here, you can check the jobs, their status and other details. Click on the arrow icon on the right to see even more details.

List of jobs with customer name, assignee, time and status

There is no data in your screen now, but after you add the members and assign them jobs, you can check from here. We will talk about creating jobs later on.

4. Inviting team members

Click on the "+Invite Member" button to invite new team members to your organization.

Red arrow pointing to Invite member button in Members page

Then, put the email address of team members and click on "Send & Add Another" button.

Send & Add Another button marked in red, for inviting members

5. Asking team members to download the app

Please ask your team members to download the app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). The links can be found from this page:

After downloading the app, they need to clock in to an office (with selfie) and then check in for the assigned jobs. After they complete the job, they will need to upload evidence/proof in the form of audio, texts, or images.

6. Create geofenced office location

For employees to clock in inside a geofenced location, you have to create an office. Click on "+ Create Office" button on the top right corner to create a new office.

Red arrow pointing toward Create Office button, in Offices page

You can check the attendance from "Office" section. You will find uploaded selfie image, along with clock-in and clock-out time for the selected day.

7. Managing Jobs

Creating Work Orders

Click on "+ Create Work Order" button on the top right, to create a work order.

Red arrow pointing to Create Work Order button in work orders page

Now, you have give a name, and select a customer (you can create new customers by clicking on the "Add new customer" button). You can choose to add jobs directly under this work order, as well add billing & budget info. Now, you can schedule these jobs.

Form for creating work order, by entering work order details

Creating Jobs

You can create jobs, by clicking on the "+ Create Job" button from Jobs > All Jobs.

Now, choose the work order and the current status of the job. Then, you can also add the job's location.

If you are setting up a job that will occur just once, simply adjust the job's status to "Ready to dispatch." Now, you can assign a technician and schedule the job's time.

If you are creating a job that will repeat, you should use our Scheduling function.

If you didn't create job location before, you can create new locations by clicking on the “Add New Location” button.

Form for creating job, by entering job details

Schedule & Shifts

Go to "Scheduling" section from the left menu panel and click on the "Create Shift" button on the top right. To create recurring job schedule, turn on the toggle switch of "Shift Repeat".

Tip: If you want to delete a shift, click on it, and then click on the Delete button. Select "Selected shift and all future shifts", to delete recurring jobs .

Job Approval

You can see if a job is unscheduled or ready to dispatch in the "All Jobs" section. However, once technicians submit the job for approval, you can view the completed job details under the "Job Approval" section. There, you'll find the Check-in and Check-out times, total hours worked, and the job's current status. To view any submitted pictures or audio, click on the image or audio icon on the right, marked by a red arrow (in the picture).

Red arrow pointing towards image and audio evidences, inside job approval

8. Checking Data

GPS Location

To see where your field employees are in real-time or their travel route, use the GPS Tracking features.

For route map, go to GPS Tracking > Route Map. For live locations or the last known position, go to GPS Tracking > Live Location.


You can check employee timesheet from Timesheets>Daily. You can also view the monthly timesheet. To select a custom date range, go to Timesheets > Custom.

Please keep in mind that, you need to select a member to check their timesheet.

9. More Features


You can pay employees based on the timesheet. Ensure that you have set up the hourly rates beforehand. You can simply click on "Mark as paid" button after selecting the box on the left to pay someone.

You can also send one time amount from "Send Fixed Amount" section. You will be able to check previous payrolls from the "History" section.

Note that, our payroll system is only for keeping documents. We do not send money directly to their bank accounts.


Go to the “Invoice” section and click on the “+ Create New Invoice” button to create a new invoice, where you can add customer name and taxes and other details.

Invoice page, with blue button with title Create New Invoice
We are bringing more features soon. Thanks for using FieldServicely!

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us via live chat. You can also email us at: We are here to help you.

Frequently Asked Question about HighLevel Field Service Management

How can I track my technicians' locations in HighLevel?

To track technician locations in HighLevel, you'll need to install FieldServicely from HighLevel Marketplace. This tool enables real-time location tracking for your field workers.

How do I manage jobs and work orders in HighLevel?

Managing jobs and work orders within HighLevel is made easier with HighLevel Marketplace app like FieldServicely. It allows you to create, assign, track, and update work orders, ensuring smooth operations and efficient job management.

What app can I use for dispatching with GoHighLevel?

For dispatching within GoHighLevel, FieldServicely can be the solution. It's designed to work with HighLevel, offering dispatching capabilities.

Which FSM app works with HighLevel?

FieldServicely is the FSM app that integrates perfectly with HighLevel. It's built to complement HighLevel's CRM and marketing tools, providing a comprehensive solution for field service management, including scheduling, dispatching, and real-time tracking.

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