50+ Features for Managing Field Service

Choose the features you need to manage your employee and business.


Job Management

Make managing tasks and projects easier and keep a better eye on everything.

RemoteTrack Employee Monitoring

Job Approval System

Make it easier to get tasks done quickly and in order.

Projects & Budgeting

GPS Employee Tracking

Use location tracking to better manage where your team goes and how they work out in the field.



Easily set up who works when, so you always have the right people at the right time.

Task Management

Geofenced Attendance

Use location-based check-ins & outs to keep track of attendance easily and accurately.

Client & Invoice

Time Tracking

Keep track of how long tasks take, helping everyone stay on top of their work.

Team & Admin

Smart Timesheet Management

Make handling timesheets simpler with automatic filling and easy changes.

Attendance & Leaves


Send out bills faster and more efficiently.

Field Service

Dispatch Management

Make sure your field team gets to where they need to be quickly and efficiently.

Reporting & Dashboard

Payroll Calculation

Make figuring out pay easier.

Payroll & Members

Performance Dashboards

Use easy-to-understand charts to see how things are going and make better plans.

Apps & Devices

Mobile App

Stay connected and manage things easily from your phone.

Job Management

Keep track of all your work easily, and make sure everyone knows what they need to do.

timer auto

Job Creation and Assignment

Easily create and assign tasks to team members.

Timesheets views

Real-Time Job Status Updates

Monitor the progress of jobs in real-time.

Clock In out

Job History Tracking

Access records of past jobs for reference and analysis.

entry notes

Client-Specific Job Details

Customize job information for individual clients.

Job Approval System

 Approve or reject completed task without a hassle, keeping everything moving smoothly.

Project & member-wise view

Automated Notifications for Approvals

Receive alerts when approvals are pending or completed.

Graph and tabular view

Approval History Tracking

Keep a record of all approvals for accountability.

performance Comparison

Performance-based comparison

Compare between employees based on their performances.

GPS Employee Tracking

Know where your team is and manage their fieldwork better with location tracking.

Random computer screenshot every 10 minutes

Custom Geofence Settings

Define geographical boundaries for employee operations.

Active & Neutral time analytics

Real-Time Location Updates

Track employee locations live for efficient management.

Project, task, and member-wise view

Route History

Analyze travel routes for future optimization.

Support multiple monitors

Track time on job location

Enforce policies and flexible time tracking on location & job site.

Geofenced Attendance

Track who's at work with a simple, location-based system, making record-keeping an easy job.

Create & Assign Task

Geofence Clock-In/Clock-Out

Allow workers to check in & out from pre determined area

Project-wise & Assignee-wise view

Attendance Reports

Generate detailed reports on employee attendance.

Task-wise time log

Task-wise time log

See the total time logged in individual tasks to keep track of your works.


Arrange work schedules simply, ensuring you always have the right staff when you need them.

Project & Memberwise view

Drag-and-Drop Schedule Builder

Easily create schedules with a user-friendly interface.

Daily, weekly & monthly schedule

Automated Schedule Notifications

Automatically inform team members about their schedules.

Task-wise schedule

Task-wise schedule

Assign a task to your employee within his/her schedule.

Schedule notification

Schedule notification

Get timely notifications before the start/end of a schedule.

Time Tracking

Track how long jobs take, helping your team stay focused and productive.

Date & Member wise view

Automated Time Capture

Automatically record time spent on tasks.

Create  shift & Set Duration

Manual Time Entry

Manually log time for flexibility.

Daily Summary

Detailed Time Logs

Keep precise records of time spent on different activities.

Timesheet Management

Handle timesheets with ease, with automatic updates and the ability to make access.

Employee GPS location monitoring

Auto-Populated Timesheets

Automatically fill timesheets based on tracked time.

Geofencing Attendance

Editable Timesheet Entries

Make adjustments to timesheets as needed.

Track time on job location

Timesheet Approval

Timesheet Approval

Project & Member-wise View

Timesheets Export

See the locations based on individual project and member

Location Notes

Location Notes

Employees can write notes tagged with specific location.


Manage projects, track time on projects, assign roles & keep your budget on track.

Active - Archived & Budgeted view

Create Invoice

Create invoice for your clients based onthe working hours

Edit or Archive past projects

Send Invoice

Once the invoice is complete you can send the invoice via email

Project summary at a glance

Download Invoice

You can download the invoice as well and use when required.

Dispatch Management

Get your field team to their jobs quickly and efficiently, optimizing their routes.

Create client profile

Real-Time Dispatch Updates

Stay updated on dispatch status in real-time.

Payroll Calculation

Manage settings and Administrative roles from your command center. Freedom to customize & implement to your core needs.

Create teams & departments

Job, assignee and  date-wise view

Check the cost of labor for each job, asignee and date.

Roles and Permissions

Calculate payroll

Set the rate, FieldServicely will calculate the payroll for you.

Assign projects

Payroll History

Remain informed on what was the payroll.

Performance Dashboard

Use clear visuals to understand your team's performance and plan better.

project, assignee & date-wise view

Graphical Data Representation

Visualize performance metrics through graphs and charts.

send payment (coming soon)

Organizational view

Get overview of the organization's time and job progress in details

Apps & Devices

Apps & Devices

Manage your field employees  from almost anywhere. FieldServicely supports all major platforms & devices



See all your data at a single place in the FieldServicely web app.



Use our Android App for managing field employees.



FieldServicely is available for Apple users as well.

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