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Field employee tracking app that monitors your outdoor workers. Track their activities and optimize your field service.

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Live GPS Location

Know where your team is at all times

With live GPS tracking, you can see exactly where your field employees are at any given moment. No more endless phone calls for updates - their locations are mapped in real-time right in front of you.

Route Map of Your Employees

Get Visuals for the daily routes of your team

Get a visual overview of the routes your mobile employees take each day. Analyze daily travel patterns to optimize routes for fuel and time efficiency.

Geofenced Attendance

Allow employees to log within designated areas only

Your field staff can only clock in once they're within a defined geographic boundary—whether that's the office, client site, or job locale. Put an end to buddy punching and ensure your employees are where they need to be.

Mandatory Proof for Clock-In

Set up photo verification at clock-in

Eliminate buddy punching with photo verification at clock-in. Require employees to submit a selfie or photo of the worksite when clocking in from the field employee tracking app, providing evidence of their presence.

Location-Specific Jobs

Assign tasks based on geographic locations

Assign jobs and work orders to your mobile employees based on their current geographic location or proximity to the client site. Smart job dispatching maximizes productive hours.

Time Tracking

Monitor hours worked with precision

Accurately track the hours your employees work through field employee tracking software, whether clocked in at the office or out on jobs. Robust time tracking capabilities help monitor productivity.

Timesheet Generation

Automate timesheet creation

Automatically generate timesheets for your field staff based on clock-in/out data and GPS locations. Save time on manual timesheet processing.

Schedules for Field Work

Easily create and adjust schedules

Easily create schedules for your mobile workforce well in advance. Make adjustments on the fly based on job priorities and staff availability.

Payroll Tracking

Streamline payroll processing

Get payroll data directly for field staff seamlessly and minimize payroll errors and discrepancies.

Evidence of Job Completion

Store visual or digital proof of completed tasks

Field employees can upload photos, videos, documents or annotations as proof upon completing assigned tasks and jobs. Build a repository of completed work.

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Get all with the most competitive pricing

Get all these powerful field employee tracking capabilities at the most competitive pricing to maximize your ROI.

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How do I start tracking my field employees?

With great ease and smooth customer support

Don't let your field operations run blind and eat into your profits. Regain control, maximize efficiency and keep a firm grip on labor costs.

Our dedicated support team is standing by to discuss your needs and tailor a tracking solution for your business. Just book a demo to experience the power of field employee monitoring first-hand!

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How do I know I need field employee tracking software?

If you're facing any of the following challenges, it might be time to consider implementing field employee tracking software for your business:

  • Facing challenges managing a mobile workforce
  • Facing issues with buddy punching and time theft
  • Trouble with poor scheduling, routing, and job dispatch
  • Timesheet and payroll issues
  • Unable to monitor staff locations
  • Difficulty keeping audit trails and proof of service for clients
  • Want a competitive advantage by deploying field tracking software

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a field employee tracking app work?

Field employee tracking apps typically use GPS technology from employees' mobile devices or dedicated GPS trackers to pinpoint their real-time location. It allows you to see where your mobile workers are on a map. Many apps also utilize geofencing, which allows you to set up virtual geographic boundaries. This provides alerts when employees clock in/out or enter/exit specific job sites.

How to track hours for employees in the field?

With field employee tracking software, your mobile workers can automatically log hours worked based on employee clock-in/out times correlated to their geographic location/job site. It accurately captures the time they spend at job sites versus travelling between locations.

Is it legal to use field employee tracking software with GPS?

In general, it is legal for employers to track company-owned vehicles and devices issued to employees using GPS technology, as long as there is a valid business reason and employee monitoring policies are properly communicated. However, laws around tracking personal devices vary.

What is an employee live tracking app?

An employee live tracking app allows you to monitor the real-time location of your mobile workforce using GPS technology. Your field staff carries a company-issued smartphone or tracking device as they go about their day. You'll see their live location on an interactive map, allowing you to track productivity and ensure they are on task.

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