Getting Started with FieldServicely

Welcome to FieldServicely – where innovation maximizes field business performance.

Designed for service-oriented enterprises and field-intensive industries, our software helps you improve your operations and increase customer satisfaction.

This guide introduces the essential features, helping you quickly set up and integrate the system into your daily operations. It covers everything from initial login to dashboard customization, ensuring a smooth start to efficient field service management.

If you don’t want to go through the whole article, skip to each section (that you need):

  1. Signup & Onboarding
  2. Dashboard
  3. Adding team members
  4. Asking technicians to download
  5. Creating Geofenced Jobsite
  6. Job Management
  7. Checking Team Members’ data
  8. Other Features

Signup & Onboarding

To sign up to FieldServicely, you have to give your first name, last name, email, and password on the signup page.

Sign up page of FieldServicely

Then, give the code from the verification email. You can also click on the verification button on the email to verify your email address. 

Now, Click on “Create A New Organization” to create an organization. 

Onboarding page with create a new organization option

Then, give the organization name and select the time zone (the current timezone is selected by default). 

You can invite the team members now, or later. Click on “Add another” to invite more members. 


After logging into your account, you will be brought to the “All Jobs” section. Here, you will be able to check the list of the jobs, the status, start-end time, customer name, and the assignee. By clicking the arrow on the right, you can see even more details.

List of all the jobs, with assignee, customer, time, and status

Do not worry about the lack of data right now. We will be adding members and managing jobs step by step.

Tip: You can use the left sidebar to navigate. 

Adding team members

Firstly, you will need the add the members that you want to track/manage jobs for.

If you haven’t invited already, you can invite members by clicking on the “+ Invite Member” button on the top right. 

Arrow pointing to Invite Member button, with an existing member called John Doe

Then give the email address and click on “Send & Add Another”.

Red box marking Send & Add Another button, for inviting member

Asking technicians to download the app

Now that you have added the team members, you should get them to download the mobile app. FieldServicely app is available in both iOS & android, so any technician will be able to install it on their smartphone.

Please forward them this section to learn how to get started as an employee. 

Employee Guide

Ask employees to accept the invitation and join the organization by creating an account.

Then, download the FieldServicely app on your smartphone. You can find the App Store/Google Play Store link from this page:

After downloading the app, they will be clocking into an office (with a selfie) and then checked into the jobs. After completing the jobs they will upload evidence/proof in the form of images, audio, and texts. 

Note: To work on the jobs, they only need to clock in an office for the first time of the day. 

Creating Geofenced Jobsite

You need to create an office with geofence, for employees to clock in. 

To create a geofenced location, go to “Offices”, and click on “+ Create Office”. 

Red arrow pointing toward Create Office button, while an Office called Houston is already created

Office Attendance

You will need to create a geofenced location for the offices. Under these locations, employees will be able to give attendance. 

To check attendance, you need to select an “Office”. Then, you will be able to check the clock-in and clock-out time for the selected day, and the selfie image (given when clocking in).

Job Management

You can easily manage jobs with FieldServicely. For this, you will need to create work orders and schedule jobs under them.

Create Work Orders & Assign technician

To create a new word order, go to Word Order and click on the “+ Create Work Order” button in the top right corner.

Red arrow pointing towards Create Work Order button in Work Order page

Now, give the Work Order a name, select a customer (if you didn’t create any customer, just click on the “Add new customer” button), and set the status. Then, you will be able to add jobs under this work order, as well as billing and budget info. Now, you can directly schedule these jobs.

Adding work order details for Customer called Alex

Create Jobs

If you haven’t created jobs already, you can go to Jobs > All Jobs to create a new job. Click on “+ Create Job”. Now, carefully select the work order under which you are creating this job and the status of the job. Then, you will be able to add location. 

If you are creating a one-time job, you can just set the job status to “Ready to dispatch”. Now, you will also be able to assign a technician and set the time for the job. 

If you want to create a recurring job, we recommend you use our Scheduling feature. 

If you don’t have a previously created job location, you can create locations by clicking on the “Add New Location” button.

Popup for add job details, with "Ready to dispatch" status and description, time, and a blue Create Job button

Shift & Schedule

From the “Scheduling” section, you will be able to check the jobs scheduled for the respective month/week/day.

To create a new shift, click on the “Create Shift” button on the top right. You can simply turn on the “Shift Repeat” toggle to create a recurring schedule for the job. 

Tip: To delete a shift, click on it, then click on the “Delete” button. You will be able to delete recurring as well by selecting “Selected shift and all future shifts”.  

Job Approval

Normally, you can check if a job is unscheduled/ready to dispatch from All Jobs. But, after technicians submit the job for approval, you will be able to check the completed job from the “Job Approval” section. You will see the Check-in and check-out time, the total time worked, and the current job status. You will be able to check the submitted evidence by clicking on the image/audio icon on the right side (indicated by the red arrow).

Red arrow pointing to Image and audio icon, for checking evidence and approve or reject the job

You can also check the previously approved/rejected jobs from the remaining sections. You can also filter the jobs by work order or date, or just search by keywords.

Checking Team Members’ Data

GPS Location

Check real-time location or the route map. Go to GPS Tracking > Route Map to check the route of the field employees. Or, go to GPS Tracking > Live Location to check the location in real-time or to know the last detected position. 


Go to Timesheets > Daily to check today’s timesheet. You can also go to Monthly to check the timesheet for the whole month or go to Custom to select a date range.

Other Features


Payroll shows the payable money, based on the total time tracked on the timesheet. 

To pay your employees, select the employees by clicking on the square on the left side, and then click on “Mark as paid”. You can also click on the “Mark all as paid” button to pay all the employees within the selected date range. 

Note that, in order to access this information, you will need to set the employee's hourly rate beforehand.

You can also send a fixed amount by selecting the member and amount. You have to add a note about payment information as well. 

You will be able to check the previous payrolls from the “History” section.

Customers & Invoice

You will be able to add the customer name and email address of customers. You have to add customers to work orders. You will also need these details for sending an invoice.

To create an invoice, go to the “Invoice” section and click on the “+ Create New Invoice” button to create a new invoice. Give the customer's name and link a work order. You can change the date and add the PO number, as well as add taxes and discount percentages. 

Invoice page with buttons for creating new invoice

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat. You can also reach out to us here: We will be happy to assist you.

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